News from the President and Vice President

           ~~~~  The next meeting will be August 20th, 2022, at 3PM at IDA  ~~~~~
*   2022 Hell's Gate Underwater Cleanup!  
*  We have IDA T-shirts for sale for $20.  Contact Bobby Morrow for details.
*  Please come check out our family friendly association.
*  We have covered dock with a boat slip in addition to our current dock, for getting suited up the your next diveWe also have a dive platform for those wishing to use our facility for training. 
*  We have hot and cold showers in our pavilion, along with weekend camping spots for members and guest. 
*  We are a Family Oriented and Family Friendly, "Non-Profit" organization with 501C3 status. 
*  We want to promote safe diving at PK and to help keep the sport alive and well. 
*  We also want to help keep our lake clean and diver friendly.  Check us out on Facebook at Inland Divers Association!
*  Current visibility is about 10 feet. 

                                                                                        COME DIVE WITH US!

The Inland Divers Association exists for the purpose of encouraging interest in underwater activity for members and guest, of all kinds and character, in particular, sport diving, the conservation of marine life and promulgation, instruction, and enforcement of aquatic safety, the protection of life and property in emergencies and disaster.  We also encourage, promote, and participate in helping keep Possum Kingdom clean and diver friendly.

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